How to get rid of stomach fat and those awful love handles!

Published: 11th June 2007
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How to get rid of stomach fat and those awful love handles!

Do you want to get rid of your stomach fat? Are you ready to lose those ugly love handles? If you have a large belly (stomach fat), you need to concentrate on reducing fat from the whole of your body. You can't control the places you would like the fat to be removed from first. It is also the same situation with love handles. I suggest a 3 prong approach:.
Begin to eat a healthy diet.
Train both your abdominal muscles (for stomach fat) and your oblique muscles for your (love handles).
Get regular cardiovascular exercise.

1) One of the best ways to lose stomach fat and reduce love handles is to change your diet. Remove all fast food immediately! Cut way back on fried foods. Reduce and or better yet eliminate snacks and desserts. Just these 4 tips will cause you to lose weight rapidly!

2) Begin to do regular sit-ups for your abdomen this will help reduce your stomach fat.
Google exercises for your oblique muscles (they are the muscles under you love handles).
Start doing them on a regular basis. Steady and consistent exercise of the abdomen and the oblique muscles will help significantly.

3) Get cardiovascular (cardio) exercise! Go for walks (at least 20 minutes) at least 3 times a week.
Running is a very effective way to lose stomach fat and to get rid of love handles. Go for a bicycle ride for at least 20 minutes 2-3 times a week. Swimming is also excellent cardio exercise. All cardiovascular exercise raises your body's metabolism and will burn fat. The key to cardio exercise is to do it three to four times a week for at least 20 minutes. The more often you can do a cardio workout the quicker you will see the results you desire. Also increasing the length of your cardio workout will help you to get rid of stomach fat and get rid of your love handles.

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